Request automation will save up to 60 % compared to manual processing.

“Invoice this, pay that, create the customer, need a new account…” These demands are plentiful in financial administration. Requests puts an end to email overload. All requests are automatically made with the information that is needed to fulfil them, including multiple rounds of approvals. There’s no need to manually transfer the request information to your ERP. Everything is done in one click.

Invoicing requests

What kind of information do you need to create an invoice? And do you need different data for an internal customer? With Requests you can specify the required information yourself. This makes it easier for the requester to work, and existing data will be automatically retrieved from your ERP. This ensures that you get complete data with the request efficiently and quickly without email ping-pong. Invoicing requests are automatically transferred to the sales ledger after validation. Alternatively, you can do it manually, with a single click.

Payment requests

What kind of information do you need for creating a payment in your company? Does it differ between internal and external vendors? With our solution, you can choose the right data for different types of payments. This makes the requester’s work far more efficient. Existing data is retrieved directly and flawlessly from the ERP. Payment requests can be processed without time-wasting clarifications by humans. You can transfer requests to your payment system instantly with a single click, or requests can be automatically transferred after approval.

Master data change requests

What data do you need to create a new account or change crosschecking rules? Requests helps you save time as you can specify different data requirements yourself. Existing data is automatically retrieved from your ERP and requests can be fulfilled rapidly. Master data changes can be transferred automatically to your ERP or manually with one click.

Vendor and customer creation/change requests

When you create a new customer or vendor, or change existing details, what data does your company need? With our solution you simply specify the data that’s required for party register change requests.This way, the requester does not need to guess anything, and the required data is retrieved from your ERP automatically. The request data is guaranteed to be correct. There’s no time wasted with errors. Updated data is automatically transferred back to your ERP, either after approval or with an instant click.

Open item matching

Open item matching has been designed for matching vendors’ and customers’ open transactions. The solution retrieves the open transactions, invoices, payments, and credit notes of selected customers or vendors from the ERP. You can easily select the items to be allocated and decide if the eventual difference is automatically handled, for example, as a foreign exchange rate difference, discount, or credit loss.

Free form

The Requests solution also offers unrestricted forms. You can easily define different fields so you can rapidly handle the various service requests that consume the most time in your organization. In addition, the forms can be integrated with almost any information system.

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