Closing and Continuous Accounting

Closing and Continuous Accounting automation will save up to 90 % compared to manual processing.

Financial administration is filled with identical repetitive tasks and a precise timetable on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Our closing solution brings all these tasks together into a single, highly efficient digital tool where you can monitor tasks’ progress, ensure that internal controls are implemented, identify bottlenecks, and harmonize processes. You can automate tasks, such as closing ledgers, with related validations and report saving, and you can create a variety of manual entries.

The majority of financial administration tasks are routine. You need to make sure that all material from external systems arrives without errors and on time. All interim accounts must be empty. All entries on an account must be correct. However, in a situation where these checks are done daily for dozens of companies, it is incredibly time-consuming. If these daily checks are skipped because of lack of time, the period end closing time extends.

With our solution, you can let continuous, automatic monitoring handle these routine checks for you. You will only be notified if something is not right. The automatic notification will also specify, as precisely as possible, what is wrong and allow you to fix it with a single click.

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