Financial automation that everyone loves.

Account Reconciliation

Are you working for your business or for auditors?

Are you working for your business or for auditors?
Precise specification and description of balance sheet items is always needed when bookkeeping is audited. This often means a separate painstaking Excel exercise on top of everyday work, typically at a time of the month when it’s no longer possible to make changes to the month. What if balance sheet specifications could be created automatically, when you choose, using the data you choose?

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Closing and Continuous Accounting

Financial administration is filled with identical repetitive tasks and a precise timetable on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

Our closing solution brings all these tasks together into a single, highly efficient digital tool where you can monitor tasks’ progress, ensure that internal controls are implemented, identify bottlenecks, and harmonize processes.

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Does your company still work with manual vouchers?

You are not alone, working with them is boring, arduous, time-consuming and prone to errors. Journals help make manual receipt entries as easy and fast as possible. They also support validation during creation by crosschecking with enterprise resource planning systems. You can concentrate on thinking.

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“Invoice this, pay that, create the customer, need a new account...”

These demands are plentiful in financial administration. Requests puts an end to email overload. All requests are automatically made with the information that is needed to fulfill them, including multiple rounds of approvals. There’s no need to manually transfer the request information to your ERP. Everything is done in one click.

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Internal Invoicing

What if you could efficiently automate your group’s internal invoicing?

Our internal invoicing solution is the answer when you want to charge, for example, rent, IT expenses, internal services or equipment between group companies and legal entities.

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Investment Proposals

Investment Proposals automation will save up to 60 % compared to manual processing.

Make investment proposals easily, specify euro limits and a limit-based approval workflow, and easily enter data into your ERP.

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Invoice Accrual

The period is about to close, but there are still unapproved purchase invoices in the workflow and some entries might even be missing.

Sound familiar? Invoice Accrual automates the allocation of purchase invoices that have not been approved or transferred to bookkeeping yet.

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Manual Payments

This is an Excel-based tool integrated into a payment and enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

With our manual payments solution, you can validate a payment request as you create it, create an approval workflow for it and send it to the bank and accounting.

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