Research Lab

The world is changing and so are we.

In today’s world, new technologies become available at an increasingly faster pace. It is challenging, or even impossible, to adapt to these continuous changes and seize new opportunities within normal product development cycles.

We need a way to try, test and prototype solutions and technologies to find out what would benefit Aico users and Aico Research Lab members. To put it simply: an agile way to try out technologies that will be 6 to 24 months ahead of the Aico platform roadmap development.

How does it work?

Opennes is built in, no previous customer relationship with Attido required.

Co-creation will be the major asset. We are open for ideas and willing to share our ideas, your responsbility is to judge them or bring your own

Diversity is a strenght – combined experience will broaden the view.

What do we research?

Man-to-machine interaction

  • What would the finance department look like without email & Excel?
  • What could chatbots do for the finance department?
  • NLP as part of a solution?
  • Does augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) offer something to the finance department?

Modern Messaging and data processing tools

  • Big Data in finance
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Actionable BI
  • Transaction matching

New workflow platform technology

  • Blockchain (longer term)

Always-on technologies for deployment models

  • Distrubuted systems
  • Incremental deployments of new features
  • Microservices and webscale

Our ambition & vision

By 2020 Aico will be the leading intelligent process automation tool for finance departments in Europe.

By 2022 Aico will be the world-leading intelligent process automation tool for finance departments.

What would it require from you?

Investing time

  • Participation in ideation workshops
  • Testing ideas in-house every now and then
  • Investing talent by reviewing plans
  • Participation in demo sessions and giving feedback
  • Providing reasonable data for test cases (in terms of volume and complexity)

Investing money

  • Small annual “membership fee” to create commitment: 3600 EUR / year + VAT
  • Provide the techinical platform for the things you want to test in-house and cover the expenses related
  • Aico Lab is open for 1-5 named persons from the participating company


Please contact:

Marko Maunula

Director, International Business
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